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Create your own Brilliant Rubbish world cup ball and tournament

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Many people do not have the luxury of buying a football and so have to make them out of what they can find.

Your challenge is to make the ‘best’ football out of only commonly available free materials, like paper, plastic, cloth and string.

Before we start we need to define what we mean by the best football. You can decide yourself but points can be given for these:

  • How spherical is the ball – How might you measure this?
  • How big is it
  • How high it bounces How might you compare this to others?
  • How long it lasts. How might you carry out a fair test?
  • How heavy it is. Why might this matter?

There are many ways of making rubbish balls. Some videos and strategies are shown below

If you prefer written instructions try this ONE

Whatever model is used we need to answer the following questions:

  • How big should the core be?
  • How heavy might it be – Would using wet newspaper improve the performance of the ball?
  • How tight should the plastic bags be tied? Is tighter better?
  • What type of plastic is best?
  • How big should the bags be?
  • How much string should be used?
  • What type of string?
  • The list is endless ……..

If you prefer written instructions try this ONE

Here ar some students in Sierra Leone testing their footballs for bounce

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