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If you would like to run Rubbish Science activities for your organisation, a refugee camp, a school, educational establishment or you are interested in doing or  funding workshops please read through the ideas below.

Fundamental Principles

People use rubbish, i.e. discarded waste such as bottles, bags and cans to create items useful for them. So from plastic bottles we can create water purification systems, fly traps and hydroponic micro gardening. From plastic bags we can make rope from plarn (plastic yarn) or laminate them to create waterproof sheeting.

In creating these items they solve problems with unknown ‘best’ outcomes. We can then develop scientific thinking. What do we already know about the problem? What options might we have? Which  solution looks the most promising ?  How will I know if it is the ‘best’ solution? They then build their solution. Trial it and evaluate it. Modifications can then be applied and the effectiveness of what they have produced refined.  This cycle of experimentation and thinking gets repeated. Ideally these results and discussions take place within the community and beyond. With this scientific literacy comes transferable skills that enable people to shape their own environment and solve local problems independently. Rubbish is taken from the environment and reused and at the same time environmental awareness is improved


The director of Rubbish Science is Neil Atkin an ex Advanced Skills Science teacher with 20 years classroom experience. He is an international educational consultant and has trained around 12000 teachers around the world.

Who can benefit from Rubbish Science Activities?

The obvious beneficiaries are those for whom the activities can directly enhance their lives. People living in extreme poverty, refugees, those rebuilding lives after wars or natural disasters. Even without the scientific literacy and problem solving development Rubbish Science can improve people’s lives. The nature of the activities is such that the exact outcomes are unknown. There are few science activities done in any schools that provide these rich learning opportunities. So everyone can benefit and in so doing improve the Worlds environment by seeing Rubbish as a resource.

How can the ideas be spread?

Train the Trainers workshops will be delivered that will allow people to understand the systematic approach to carrying out the activities. These 1 or 2 day courses will equip delegates with the skills to set up programs appropriate for local needs. These courses are ideal for schools that are running trips to developing nations r individual travellers or Gap year students seeking to make a difference.  We are currently developing a booklet of he ideas.  Interested in doing or running a course? Click here

In the longer term we are wanting to set up training ‘hubs’ . These could be schools or community centres across the world. Here there will be resident Trainers who can sustain the programs.  Interested in becoming a hub centre? Click here



Rubbish Science fits into many programs delivered by current organisations  and we are more than happy to work with individuals,  government programs, schools, NGOs and charities. Interested in belong a partner? Click here


Rubbish Science is a not for profit CIC ( Community Interest Company) regulated by the U.K. Government. We are apolitical and inclusive of all people. We are funded entirely from donations and sponsorships. Interested  in being a sponsor or donating? Click here